John J Shutt, CPA Services

Tax Retun Preparation

Returns prepared include individual 1040, Estate & Trust 1041, Estate 706, Corporate 1120 & 1120S, LLC 1065, Non-Profit 990, 990T and 990PF, Sales Tax Returns and EFT submission.

Write-Up (Bookkeeping)

Monthly and quarterly write-up service includes vendor check and payroll preparation both before and after-the-fact, general ledger and bank reconciliation. Vendor 1099 prepared at year-end. Financial statements issued as needed by the client.

Payroll Preparation

Employee payrolls prepared weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly including appropriate tax deposit of payroll taxes. All employment related forms prepared such as 940, 941, 943, TWC submission and year-end W-2 and W-3. Payrolls can be issued by check or electronic through the client bank.

Accounts Receivable/Payable

Client receivable billing and posting reconciled to bank deposits. Client accounts payable vendor payments by check reconciled to bank disbursement clearing.

Business Accounting and Tax Consulting

Business consulting including going-concern problems as well as remedial issues with the Internal Revenue Service such as Volunteer Re-Classification Settlement.

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